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We are a law firm located in Berlin.

About Us

Who We Are

True Role Dynasty brings financial education to the table by assisting in Real Estate and Life Insurance transactions. A Good Credit Score is a golden parachute worth achieving and retaining. How responsibly you handle your credit accounts is of utmost importance in the current financial environment.

The True Role Guy, officially known as Nnamdi T. Ananaba Jr., operates the True Role Dynasty, LLC. He is a licensed Real Estate and Life Insurance Agent. In the last ten years, he developed open and genuine passion for helping consumers acquire real estate properties, especially in the housing sector, and life insurances. When the real estate market crashed in 2008, it was an eye-opener for him. The knowledge plus strategy developed then have been of immense asset in helping customers now navigate the complex real estate orbit. We are the unwavering link connecting buyers, sellers and investors. 

The strong background and understanding of real estate have made it possible to help many individuals realize quick success in real estate acquisition.