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Strategic Life Insurance Plan

There are different types of whole life policies but the most appealing to leverage is to pay till 20 years policy.  A regular whole life insurance policy requires you to pay till age 100.  With the pay till 20 years policy, you can be covered with life insurance for whole life but you only should make payment for 20 years. The premium will be a little more expensive than the regular whole life insurance, but it’s worth it.  You will have a guaranteed cash value that continues to accumulate interest just like your wholel ife policy and they will continue to accumulate after the 20 years of premium payment has ended.After that 20 years you won’t be billed for any premium and you be covered till age 100.  Doesn’t this offer peace to one’s psyche?  I would think so.  The cash value can be utilized as a living benefit.  Take advantage of this opportunity and apply it into family planning to create a solid financial foundation.Life insurances teach us the value of good savings and family responsibilities.