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After a loved passes away, most heir misjudge the inheritance process and how long it will take them to receive the inheritance that is due to them. A probate estate may have significant assets, but all too often the heirs have to wait months or even years before the assets are distributed. Heirs need a way to convert a portion of their interest into cash they can use immediately. Regrettably, most lenders will not accept probate estate interests as security for their loans. Worse yet, the heirs most in need of help are often those least able to qualify for a loan because of poor credit, lack of employment, or inability to make regular loan payments.


Some estate can also have one or more complications to slow the process. Life’s cost does not take a break just because you are an heir in position to receive an inheritance. Student loans, rent, mortgage, mortgage, car payments, food, tuition, business expenses, credit card debt, etc. continue to grow. These are just a few of the everyday expenses that can be taken care of if you were able to access your inheritance.


Instead of making a loan, we buy (in other words, ‘advance needed cash’) a portion of the heir’s interest in a probate estate at a discount. We are not worried about a low credit scores, employment status or lack of current income because we look to the probate estate for payment. Consequently, we provide the service for the people and thus we play true role in society.