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We are a law firm located in Berlin.

Essential Tips for Consideration

A prospective policyholder should evaluate very carefully before deciding on one of our two policies; Term Life Insurance or Whole Life Insurance:

  • Make up your mind as to how much life insurance you need.
  • Resolve which policy is suitable for your budget.
  • Consider a life insurance for your spouse.
  • Think over the life insurance policy that will fit lifestyle and life insurance requirements.
  • Decide on how much life insurance will be appropriate for your family in case of your sudden death.
  • Figure out in advance: kids’ education funds or trust accounts, consumer debts, funeral and probate costs.

Estimate the future expenditures:

  • (a) What are the possible expenses?
  • (b) What is the nature of the expenses?
  • (c) What is the duration of these expenses?

Estimate the family’s future inevitable income needs:

  • (a) Is the income need bound to increase?
  • (b) What is the nature of income needs?
  • (c) What is the duration of this income needs?

Estimate crucial life situations for every member of the family:

  • (a) When will the kids secure gainful employment?
  • (b) How much longer will the spouse need to use insurance proceeds to earn a living?


The following are some incidental rewards for being a policyholder (obtaining specific life insurance policy through us):

  • Children/Grandchild scholarship
  • Legal services (Consulting with an attorney)
  • Access to movies and sports tickets, and more