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Term Life Insurance


Term life does not build up cash value. If the policyholder should die while covered before the expiration of the policy is up, the beneficiary will receive death benefit only, income tax-free. The monthly premium of the policy will never increase during the term but at the end of the when it’s time to renew the policy, the premiums may be higher even if the policyholder’s health has changed.


A policyholder’s age, health and the life expectancy as determined by the insurance company firmly help to ascertain the premium for the term life insurance. If the policyholder dies after the policy had without renewal, no death benefit is paid out.


Term life protects you’re your family by assuring sum of money they can invest for salary re-placement, and in addition, take of sudden expenses in the case of your death. This policy can not necessarily be applied to meet charitable contributing demands or family estate planning requirements. The prime purpose of this insurance coverage is to cover income replacement necessities.